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Hírek, információk 2020. május 26

Dear members, Regarding to the current situation due to coronavirus, the following rules shall apply temporarily for litter registration:Deadline for submitting litter registration form is 12 weeks after birth (as before)The litter registration fee and pedigree price are NOT payable…

Results list october 7-8 2017 Gyor, Dunacenter

FYPRYST International FIFe catshow7-8 october 2017 DunacenterGyŇĎr, Csipkegy√°ri utca 11 Judges:Mrs. Lena Venclikov√° (CZ) category Ib; II; III; IV; Mr. Irek Pruchniak (PL) all breeds; Mr. Fabio Brambilla (IT) all breeds; Mr. Frensly A. (Lee) Selassa (NL) category I; II;‚Ķ

Results list 8-9 april 2017 Asia Center

FYPRYST International Catshow8-9 april 2017 Asia CenterBudapest, Szentmih√°lyi √ļt 167-169 Judges:Mr Eric Reijers (CZ) all breedsMr. Alexey Shchukin (NL) all breedsMr. Louis Coste (FR) all breedsMr Vladimir Isakov (BY) all breeds

Category list 2016

Important changes from 01 January 2016!  Category I (26%):PER, EXO, RAG, SBI, TUV Category II (35%): ACL, ACS, MCO, NEM, NFO, LPL, LPS, SIB, SRL, SRS, TUA, Category III (21%):BEN, BLH, BML, BSH, BUR, CHA, CYM, EUR, KBL, KBS, KOR,…

Felis Hungarica world winner 2015

This year the Swedish city of Malmö hosted the FIFe World Show where 1955 outstanding cats of 47 countries were presented. Felis Hungarica Cat Club and Hungary was represented by a total of 13 cats. Alba Regia Busy Bee achieved…