Felis Hungarica – FIFe International Catshow 5-6 october 2019 Budapest, China Mart

Felis Hungarica – FIFe International Catshow 5-6 october 2019, Budapest, China Mart

Showhall: 1125 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 171

Dead line: 28. september 2019

Meghívott bírók:
Mrs. Annette Sjödin (SE) all breeds;
Mrs. Marie Westerlund (SE) all breeds; 
Mrs. Linda Knýová (CZ) – Ib; II; III; IVc;
Mrs. Elena Noskova (RU) all breeds;


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07:30 - 09:30 beléptetés, változások lejelentése,
10:00 Bírálatok
15:30 Best in Show (szombat)
16:30 Best in Show (vasárnap)
18:00 Kiállítás zárása (szombat)
17:00 Kiállítás zárása (vasárnap)

Rules and conditions


Here we recall some rules and conditions that are strictly observed at all FIFe cat shows :

All the FIFe rules must be accepted and followed.
Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be protested.
Exhibitors are responsible for their cats throughout the show.
Participation is at risk of the exhibitor, no claims for damages will be accepted.
Cats must remain in decorated cages until the end of the show.
Cage order will be realize exhibitor´s last name (ABC). No changes of the cage order are possible.
Exhibitors or persons authorized by them may present the cat to the judges themselves but a steward will always be at their disposition.
In case of BIS the cats are presented exclusively by stewards.
Domestic cats must be neutered.

Health Guidelines
Each cat must have a microchip with the number of the chip clearly marked in the Passport/Vaccination Book.
All cats must have a Passport/Vaccination Book with valid vaccinations.
Each cat must be healthy and clean of parasites.
All cats must have a valid vaccination against rabies, calicivirus, panleukopenia and herpesvirus marked by the veterinary doctor in the pet passport, at least 15 days prior to the show.
All white cats must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate stating that the cat can hear.
All cats must have their claws clipped prior they enter to the show hall.
If any visible contagious disease is suspected, fleas noticed or the cat is running a temperature, such cat must immediately leave the premises of the exhibition.

Online entry form

Entry fees:

Class 1 day 2 days
Cat 30 € 55 €
house cat 15 € 30 €
out of contest 30 € 55 €
Litter (min. 3 cats) 60 € 110 €
Double cage 10 € 20 €
kontroll 13c 10 €
after dead line + 10 € + 20 €

IBAN HU04 1030 0002 1049 0617 4902 0014
MKB Bank Zrt. Budapest SWIFT (BIC) MKKB HU HB

Registration: info@felishungarica.eu

Hotel Holiday Beach ****
Reservation: frontdesk@holidaybeach.hu
Subject: CATSHOW
Dear Exhibitors, dear Friends !
Our showhotel, the Hotel Holiday Beach is NOT available for the show weekend on booking.com. The Hotel is reserved only for us , crazy cat people 🙂 So please send your reservation direct to the Hotel .

Room fees:
Single bed: 65 €
Double beds: 75€
Tripple beds: 105 €
fee / night

Room rates include breakfast, parking and pet surcharge (if booked as above), do not include city tax (4%/night).

Party in showhotel at saturday night
Price: 30 €/ person, included all drinks
Menu and theme: Soon


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