Hírek, információk 2020. május 26

Dear members,

Regarding to the current situation due to coronavirus, the following rules shall apply temporarily for litter registration:
Deadline for submitting litter registration form is 12 weeks after birth (as before)
The litter registration fee and pedigree price are NOT payable at the same time as the notification, but this can be done later if this is helpful.
Pedigrees will be issued within 6 weeks after receiving the fees (as before).

Anouncement from FIFe Board regarding to WS today (25 of may):

The Italian Member ANFI, stating various reasons and concerns related to the COVID-19 situation,
suggested the Board to postpone their World Show by moving all scheduled World Shows forward with one year,
so ANFI would hold it in 2021. The FIFe Board asked all Members featuring on the World Show List if they were willing to move their World Show
one year later than the year previously confirmed by FIFe. We were grateful to all these Members for their quick and positive reply.
The updated list of World Shows which can be found on the official FIFe Show Calendar by ticking the checkbox FIFe special events.