Price list

Felis Hungarica Magyar Macskások Egyesülete official price list:  
Felis Hungarica IBAN HU04 1030 0002 1049 0617 4902 0014
MKB Bank Zrt. Budapest

Membership fee 22 € 
Cat registration(new cat or external stud registration) 10 €
Litter annoucement: 15 € /litter*
Litter announcement after the 3rd month 7€/month
Pedigree 10€
 Pedigree copy 10€
Pedigree modification due to the breeder’s fault: 10€
Title certificate: free
Cattery name registration (FIFe) 50€
Show Entry fee for Felis Hungarica members: 20€ /cat/day *the litter registration fee includes 1 free entry / 1 day on the nexts Felis Hungarica exhibitions within 18 month after the litter annoucement.
In 2020, unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to host cat shows. We also don’t see much chance of organizing the planned spring 2021 shows. Taking these into account, at the board meeting on 01.02.2021, the management made the following decision:
– For litters born between 01.01.2021 and 31.12.2021, the payment of the litter registration fee is suspended.
– We charge a postage fee for litters born after 01.01.2021. Postage costs 5 € / litter.